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Tracee's Story

 Tracee L Smith is a 40-year-old single mother to 4 children, Tory (20) and Trey (18) Lamkins, and Trystin (11) and Trevyn (6) Hauschild. On Sunday, September 20th 2020, Trey rushed his mom to the ER after they believed her to be having symptoms of a heart attack. After hours of waiting, the doctors determined the pain she was having was due to her right lung collapsing caused by a buildup of fluid  on the lung. Tracee was given three options of what could have caused the fluid buildup: she was told it could be infection, cancer, or an autoimmune disease. 

Never in a million years did the family actually think it was going to be the “c” word. Tracee was transferred to St. Elizabeth’s hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, where they drained the fluid and sent it off for testing. Tracee spent a couple days in the hospital before recovering enough to go home and wait for the test results. The results came back on Thursday, September 24, 2020. After this day this family would never be the same. The test results determined Tracee had lung cancer. This news rattled, shook and broke the hearts of the family and many other loved ones. How could our Tracee have LUNG CANCER?! 


The current prognosis/diagnosis for Tracee is what is known as non-small cell lung cancer stage 4. The cancer has spread beyond the lung to a couple other spots in her body. This form/stage of lung cancer is not curable but treatable. With the amazing work from all the doctors, nurses, family, friends and most importantly Tracee’s will to fight, she is determined to be a cancer survivor. Tracee’s Aunt told her “Tracee, you don’t have an option. You have to beat it.” As of now Tracee will be going in weekly for labs and Chemo every three weeks. The family asks that you please support them by buying a shirt to show your support and encouragement for Tracee’s fight and to help spread awareness of lung cancer. Tracee’s family has used the quote “Her fight, is my fight” when spreading awareness for Tracee’s plight on social media and shirts. Tracee is not alone in this fight. Her fight is her children’s fight. Her fight is her parents and siblings fight. Her fight is the doctors and nurses fight. Her fight is her friends and family’s fight. Her fight is MY fight and her fight is OUR fight.

Latest Updates

January 22, 2021

I’d like to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to each & every soul who has taken time to reach out to me in comments, messages, visits, calls, cookies, visits, purchased shirts or wristbands & most importantly have offered up prayers for me. I hope this post Today helps strengthen your faith & trust in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ because your prayers for me are being answered. Besides the miracles of love and spiritual healing that I have experienced since the very beginning of this journey I began in September, I received good news yesterday regarding the scan I had Wed….the PET Scan shows a positive response to treatment! The cancer in my lung and lymph nodes has shrunk back significantly. The spots that had metastasized to my bone (my left femur & right ilium) did not light up the scan at all! Only 2 more cycles of chemo (Today & again in 3 weeks), followed by a CT Scan of my lung which will be a new baseline as I continue treatment with immunotherapy, which doesn’t make ya as sick as chemo does. As I told some of you yesterday, I know this battle is one for the long road, but I am BEATING it for now & that feels soooo GOOD! 😃🥰💪🏻 Not only that, through ALL of you God has opened my eyes to see Heavens presence right here on earth… my fear & anxiety has turned to joy and for the first time in my life true happiness! Praise God! Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️  ~ TRACEE

October 28, 2020 

Well the time is here…tomorrow mom starts Chemo. The fight began a month ago but it’s about to get a lot more real! Earlier this week she had surgery to get her port put in. She had a training on Tuesday all about Chemo. And tomorrow is the day it starts. HUGE shoutout to Makael Weatherby for taking pictures for us tonight!!
Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out! We won’t be able to get through this without all of you! Please continue to pray and keep mom and our family in your thoughts and prayers. – Trey

Help Tracee and Family with Medical Expenses

If you would like to make a donation to help Tracee and her family with medical and treatment expenses it would be greatly appreciated. Donations made here go directly to the family via PayPal. 


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