Suzy Oliver Design Co.

Cross beaks are chickens too! Show your support for cross beak (or scissor beak) chickens by sporting this design by artist Danielle at @hotoffthenest, printed and shipped by Suzy Oliver Design. A portion of sales will be used to support chicken mamas (or dads) who need a little help taking care of these extra special chickens.

A chicken beak that’s tweaked? We can help!

Let us help you get “straight” on feeding and care for the sweetest little chicken you’ll ever have!

We can help with:
• Feeding & weight
• Beak maintenance
• Grooming
• Support system for all your questions
• And so much more!

Find us and all the resources you’ll need to help what be the most resilient, rewarding, and wonderful companion! Crossbeak Poultry in Motion in a free Facebook support group.